About MicroCare Mexico

MicroCare :: Soluciones de Belleza

In the mid 80's and interested in improving the appearance and quality of life in some patients with congenital or acquired lesions on the face, we carefully develop methods and skills to restore their natural appearance as possible and immediately.

Today is a successful technique, safe and reliable designed to enhance the enduring beauty of the face, causing increased expression and youth through the careful design and implantation of pigments in eyebrows, eyes and lips and heavily reinforced with micro gel implants safe and durable for the face.

Looking for the preparation of each case:

  • The Patient Age
  • The State of Health
  • Facial Structure
  • The Color of Skin and Hair
  • Makeup and Habits
  • Expectations each patient's personal

Over 20 Years Experience in the Field of Clinical Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup and Permanent Makeup Eyeliner), the Micropigmentation Cosmetic and Restoration of lost beauty behind us.