Micropigmentation Cosmetic / Esthetic

More than 2 years of analysis and research with the utmost interest and empathy for the behavior surrounding the longing and expectations of people regarding beautification have allowed us to develop on-target criteria with a 100% personalized approach.

This is what makes us stand out and has awarded us the trust of thousands thanks to all of the procedures performed to this day.

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Clinical Micropigmentation

Whether the goal is to correct or improve evident irregularities in skin tone or asymmetries caused by congenital or acquired lesions, as well as micropigmentations carried out in an erratic manner such as: inadequate color or intensity, evident asymmetry or inappropriate design, these problems all demand a precise assessment and specialized methodology for an objective and satisfactory improvement.

We invite you to review some actual cases to help you identify your particular worry. 

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Geriatric Micropigmentation

We invite you to consider the possibility of providing your loved ones in this age group with this wonderful alternative that will allow them the most dignified look possible.

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Juvenile Micropigmentation

With the most absolute seriousness and care, we offer an appropriate and subtle design project that highlights and maintains the juvenile freshness of the expression in that most marvelous stage of life.

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Male Micropigmentation

Techniques such as the simulation of eyebrow hair to improve its shape and thickness as well as dotting neutral tones across the length of the lash line allow to increase its thickness thus enhancing the look expressivity of your eyes.

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