Maximum safety and health minor inconvenience

  • Assess the patient's health conditions.
  • Decide the final ideal design.
  • Implement more suitable color pigment.
  • Determine the exact depth of the implant according to the area.
  • Evaluate characteristics and conditions of the skin.
  • Strict control in preventing infection and disease transmission.
  • Establish safety, hygiene and comfort.
  • Instill confidence and trust to the patient throughout the process.
  • Use the best technology in equipment and materials.

Just some of the many aspects of a methodology that produces excellent results.


Painless procedure relied on conventional anesthesia techniques.

Prior to the start of the procedure is carefully explained to the patient and based on your medical history, anesthetic which will be the means appropriate to his case, either topical or local infiltration or regional level in order to build confidence and reduce stress common to this simple but important intervention.

All local anesthetics have a common molecular structure and a similar mechanism of action. There are many anesthetics that differ in varying degrees by:

  1. AnestesiaPower.
  2. Start time or latency effects.
  3. Duration of effects.
  4. Toxicity.

Therefore, the choice of anesthetic depends on the individual patient's needs. Unlike many other drugs, local anesthetics are applied or injected into the site of action, ie close to the nerves that are intended to block. Therefore, its local concentration is several times the plasma concentration is determined after absorption.

This explains not only their relative safety, if injected correctly in the proper dose, but also potentially dangerous if accidentally injected intravenously or an overdose.

Appearance. Immediate results*

Metodología When the procedure is common micropigmentation the injury of the same type that a scratch on the skin, and secretions that form a crust that falls between the fourth and sixth day after the procedure.

In eyebrow and lip swelling is minimal but the color looks about 30% higher intensity at which remain permanently in 15 to 30 days.

In the case of Micropigmentation result in noticeable eyelid inflammation is comparable to that caused by sleep or after a period to mourn.

The lines are between 25% and 35% thicker because of the same inflammatory effect that lasts 48 hrs. approx. 20% of the cases reach edema (bruises) same fade 3 to 6 days.


With photographic record in a database at your disposal (ARMED) 

Registro fotográfico



Equipment and Technology

The latest technology, the best laboratories in materials and pigments

High Technology (Precision and Reliability)

The dermography allows and facilitates a perfect hygiene, technology and a powerful but quiet engine needs to reduce stress and pressure in the treated area.

Regular and certified pigments.

The new generation of pigments

Development and Research

We have a commitment to health and beauty of our patients.

Why we work with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Goldeneye pigments meet all expectations through continuous research, the best selection of raw materials, production that meets the most demanding standards of quality and excellence (GMP), the necessary international standards, and a comprehensive training and knowledge of product.

Why pigments are unique?

  • Hypoallergenic (High tolerance.)
  • Rapid deployment of color.
  • Control of particle size.
  • Ability to cover.
  • Vivid colors.
  • Maximum stability.
  • Special treatment of pigments for less aggressive rounded and covered with inert material to minimize allergic reactions.
  • Particle size controlled between 6 and 20 microns, to ensure minimal migration and maximum color consistency.
  • Strict control of viscosity, concentration, color, density, level of filling and sealing in approved laboratory.

International Certification:

  • Goldeneye pigments meet the guidelines of the EUROPEAN UNION pigments for micro pigmentation.
  • The selection of the ingredients in the pigments meets Food and Drug Administration and the EUROPEAN UNION.
  • Integration of features in each batch. Thorough quality control.
  • Batch number and date of manufacture indicated on each package. Certificate of quality in every batch.
  • Pigments and droppers and sterilized by gamma irradiation dose.

Sterelized and Disposable Needles

Micropigmentation needles should be:

  • Sterile
  • Be approved
  • Exclusive use for each patient

The accuracy of the needle is ensured by:

  • Termination ultrathin.
  • Maximum visibility.
  • Perfect management of the pigment
  • Each needle is assembled in a protective steel sleeve with heat compacted firmly securing the needle to the inner chamber to provide additional security against accidental needle removal.
  • Maximum length of 2 mm.
  • Suitable for vibration rod and facilitate accurate implant.
  • Stainless steel needles with rounded tip minimizes trauma and maximizes color deposit.

EXTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR HEALTH. All needles are packaged in a plastic protector which offers triple protection by eliminating direct contact during assembly and disassembly of dermography, avoiding damage to the tips of the needles.


You will feel calm and confidence to know that this procedure is performed:

  1. Maximum hygiene
  2. the best technology
  3. the best laboratories in materials
  4. pigments with the highest global quality standards
  5. with detailed and personal counseling (before and after)
  6. more than 25,000 cases handled

Achieved excellent results and always in the hands of one of the best specialists in the country.


MICROCARE Enhance, edit and even delete other designs.
Consult the scope and limitations of your case.

MICROCARE by GM is a specialized technique and developed in medical thinking about your real security and beautification.