Micropigmentation Cosmetic / Esthetic

More than 2 years of analysis and research with the utmost interest and empathy for the behavior surrounding the longing and expectations of people regarding beautification have allowed us to develop on-target criteria with a 100% personalized approach. This is what makes us stand out and has awarded us the trust of thousands thanks to all of the procedures performed to this day.

The beauty prospect offered by the procedure of esthetical micropigmentation has had an outstanding impact throughout the world, although regrettably, nowadays the offer is aimed predominantly toward “comfort” and “permanent make-up”, which is attractive but has a limited focus for the majority of the demanding sector of this service; we invite you to find out why.

Our main objective is to give you results that, being long-lasting, better define your facial features, and at the same time refresh and rejuvenate your appearance in a natural and sophisticated manner. 

This is why the PERSONALIZED MICROCARE SB CONSULTING PROGRAM constitutes the basis of our methodology as, in a matter of minutes, you will be able to see for yourself how attractive your image can become, at the same time clarifying doubts and dispelling the anxieties surrounding this powerful and at the same time delicate esthetical procedure.

Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup and Permanent Makeup OUTLINE) of eyebrows, eyelids and lips enhance the effect COVER WITH GEL IMPLANTS of the prestigious brands RESTYLANE and Aquamid.

MICROCARE method gives the following results by creating an effect of real beautifying optical illusion.

This is what can be achieved on eyebrows:

  • Refine facial features (nose and chin).
  • Slimming cheeks (optical effect).
  • Balancing facial features. (SYMMETRY)
  • Improves overall anatomy of the face.

In eyeline:

  • Volume (larger eyes)
  • Increased expression
  • Higher density of eyelashes (optical effect)
  • Best Anatomy
  • Blepharoplasty scars disappear

Permanent Makeup and Permanent Makeup Outline
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This is what we achieve in lips:

  • Improve the tone of the lip.
  • Higher Definition (symmetry and sensuality).
  • Improve consistency and body of lip tissue.
  • Increase or decrease the volume of the lip.
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By achieving successful results we know that there is no substitute for experience, therefore the ideal design accuracy and appropriate for each type of face approach also requires an aesthetic passion but surgical precision.

Restylane or Aquamid Gel Implants
Implantes de MicroGel Restylane
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Implantes de Gel AquaMid
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